Field guide suggestion for Cordoba, Argentina?

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Field guide suggestion for Cordoba, Argentina?

Post by VICtort »

Argentina, Cordoba region. I am visiting in March 2014. Is there a herp field guide anyone can suggest for that area? Bothrops and coral snakes I shall not touch... what other dangerously venomous species are a concern? This is not a herping trip, but I will look around in the rural agricultural areas. A trip maker would be to see a cribo or mussurana...

Suggested book(s) anyone?

Gratefully, Vic Herrick

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Jon Wedow
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Re: Field guide suggestion for Cordoba, Argentina?

Post by Jon Wedow »

Serpientes del Noroeste Argentino

No idea how to buy it but it was recommended to me by a herper in Argentina!

Check out this site too .. .. a bunch of the species are also in Argentina at it will at least familiarize you with the genera down there.

The area you are going has a very good mix of species, I have heard good things about it from a couple people that live there. There are a few Bothrops and Micrurus plus there is Crotalus durissusand I believe there may be some venomous colubrids like Philodryas olfersii and others with unknown toxicity.

Phimophis, Xenodon, Oxyropus ... tons of cool stuff down there that we never see on the forum! Good luck and keep us posted!

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