South Florida Herping

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South Florida Herping

Post by ReptileLover6135 » May 29th, 2015, 4:13 pm

Hi everyone :) . I am going to south Florida soon and I would like to know some tips on field herping, rock flipping, road cruising, etc. I will be in fort Myers for a while, and then I am visiting Key Largo and areas around there. If anyone knows some tips on herping there, I would be glad to know them. I will also be canoeing in the everglades if you know anything about that. Here is a list of my favorite reptiles to see there:
Eastern indigo snakes, Eastern coral snakes, Southern hognose snakes, Florida scarlet snakes, Brahminy blind snakes, Dusky pygmy rattlesnakes, EDB (Eastern Diamond-back rattlesnakes), Florida cottonmouths, Florida rough green snakes, Burmese pythons, Eastern box turtles, Eastern mud snakes, Veiled chameleons, Green iguanas, Eastern glass lizards, Timber rattlesnakes, snapping turtles, Striped crayfish snakes, Southern Ring-neck snakes, and southern copperheads. I would also LOVE to see Tokay Geckos.
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