appalachian salamander timing question

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appalachian salamander timing question

Post by Kfen »

I will have some free time in the middle or end of March, and have always wanted to make a southern Appalachian salamander trip. Is late March a good time of year in Virginia/West Virginia/North Carolina for salamanders? Is it too early for them to be out walking around at night? Will I only be limited to flipping for stream side salamanders?
Thanks for any tips

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Re: appalachian salamander timing question

Post by BillMcGighan »

Rainy nights in March are good here in east Tennessee, provided temps don't plummet to 30s.
Night road cruising starts on rainy nights in January when temps stay above 40F for Spotteds.

Streamside flipping can be year round in the right habitat.

Night hikes are most comfortable on rainy nights April - October.
These night hikes can produce typically around 9 - 12 species.

Regards, Bill
pm me for more details

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