Finding Snakes in the City

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Finding Snakes in the City

Post by LouB747 »

It’s crazy how many snakes there are within big city limits.

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Re: Finding Snakes in the City

Post by craigb »

Great stuff as always Lou.....
His snake room was amazing!!!

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Re: Finding Snakes in the City

Post by Jimi »

His snake room was amazing!!!
The collection was not bad, and pretty interesting. I've seen similar set-ups (nicely appointed sweater boxes - sounds oxymoronic but then you actually see it done and...huh, how bout that) depicted from Taiwan I think it was. So - mostly we saw Asian stuff but I recall at least one bush viper and one mamba from West Africa (i.e., exotic imports). I guess Thailand is fairly liberal that way? Interesting. Also - I take there is easy commercial availability of domestic rodents? I don't suppose he's feeding all those animals frogs and geckos caught out of the ditches and hedges.

Makes living in urban SE Asia suddenly much more appealing. Not gonna happen, but still. A guy there is enjoying a lot more freedom - of a very narrow kind - than most all Americans do today. Good for him. Too bad for us.

Thanks once again for the enlightening vid.

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Re: Finding Snakes in the City

Post by AEthelred »

Great video,I really liked that Green Mamba or maybe it was a Jamison's Mamba,they did'nt show it for very long so it was hard to tell, in that snake room.Your awfuly brave I would have been in big boots in that tall grass.

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Re: Finding Snakes in the City

Post by dendrelaphis »

awesome!, my favourite: the B. flaviceps.

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