Common Ratsnake?

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Common Ratsnake?

Post by LouB747 »

Here's video from a recent 24 hr Hong Kong layover. Managed a couple of snakes and had a good time.

Wasn't sure about the ID of this Ratsnake at the time. Ptyas mucosa, right?

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Re: Common Ratsnake?

Post by numpty »

Another very enjoyable video ... hope you got enough sleep before your next flight!

It looks like a Ptyas mucosa to me, though I have no personal experience with them. I guess your finding a blind snake makes up for the disappointment of coming across a giant worm earlier in the night and thinking it might be a blind snake? Incidentally, an Internet search tells me that the Barbados threadsnake is actually the smallest species of snake, though it's in the same ballpark sizewise.

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Re: Common Ratsnake?

Post by intermedius »

Yep! Ptyas mucosa. And a beautiiful one to boot! :thumb:

- Justin

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