Big Bend - Species Confirmation Support

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Big Bend - Species Confirmation Support

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PA resident and new to the forum. I spent 3 days in Big Bend National Park last week and experienced my first desert "monsoon." We received 2.5 inches of rain in one day in the Chihuahan Desert which typically receives 10 inches annually. It made for some really fun herping the next night with my son. I've done some research and believe I have positive identifications, but looking for confirmation from all of the local expertise on the forum and a heads up if I get any species IDs wrong. Thanks in advance.

1. Black-tailed Rattlesnake
2. Central Texas Whipsnake (near Rio Grande)
3. Sonoran Gopher Snake (north of park)
4. Checkered Whiptail
5. Marbled Whiptail
6. Southern Plateau Lizard
7. Couch's Spadefoot
8. Southwestern Earless Lizard
9. Texas Glossy Snake
10. Texas Long-nosed Snake
11. Texas Night Snake
12. Western Diamondback Rattlesnake

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Re: Big Bend - Species Confirmation Support

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A nice haul.

Regarding IDs, all look correct, except the glossy is a Great Plains Rat Snake (Pantherophis emoryi).


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