Undercover DFG? Socal

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Undercover DFG? Socal

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Story time:
I was in the desert in San Diego county (CA) cruising the other night (everyone knows where) with some decent luck. There was another car herping or cruising, going slowly, high beams on, doing repeated passes on the same areas I was on. I saw him further on parked taking photos of a glossy snake and had a brief exchange of words with him. Later on in the night he's pulled over by 2 unmarked blacked out ford f-150s that had lights in the back and front windows but none atop of the truck or anywhere visible (like bumpers, mirrors, etc. (Both trucks identical) There were 3 guys questioning the driver who I'm pretty sure was talking about herping - he was showing them his camera and stuff as I drove past. I didn't stop to ask / bother them. Later on both trucks overtook me on the 78 westbound, and I saw them parked at a dirt turnoff near San Felipe Creek, all 3 guys outside of their car with flashlights shining down below the bridge.

Do you guys think this likely to be DFG or just some other undercover law enforcement officers? Border Patrol are in the area but I've never seen them this far north, and I find it odd that they pulled over a herper and were walking around without a visible suspect or motive. This all happened between 11pm-midnight for all wondering. I didn't catch the name of the herper, but if you are reading this and feel okay with sharing what went on I would appreciate that. I understand it's none of my business but I'm curious whether they are pulling over herpers or just someone driving suspiciously slow in the middle of no-where. Obviously my view might have been a little distorted given the fact that it was nighttime but I know as a fact both trucks were unmarked, black or dark grey with tinted windows, and quite heavily modified it looked like for offroad travel with big suspension and wheels. Both had lightbars for lighting but no kind of colored police style lights on the bars. Both had CA EXEMPT license plates.


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