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Boston, April 20-23rd, 2017

Posted: April 16th, 2017, 9:59 pm
by Zach_Lim
Hello Boston/Mass herpers,

I will be visiting Boston (staying in the Cambridge area) for a few days/nights this coming weekend. Although my trip is not herp-centric (I am actually visiting to see a bunch of bands play that weekend - The Templars, Fit For Abuse, Battle Ruins, etc), I was hoping to maybe get out and see something! I won't have a car, so I will be stuck in the immediate area. Are there any remaining pockets of natural land that still have Herp's? Should I just be looking for anywhere "green" on Google Maps and giving it a shot? Are temperatures okay this time
Of year for phibs and/or reptiles?

Short intro- my name is Zach, I live in San Francisco, regularly contribute to the database, and take lots of photos which can be seen on Flickr or my Instagram @zacharge