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Turtle ID Help

Post by reebtoor »

I'm hoping there's someone with some turtle expertise as I have none. After some searching, I realize there are probably some more helpful photos to take for ID purposes. Any ideas?

https://www.flickr.com/photos/149740826 ... 048350355/

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Re: Turtle ID Help

Post by mtratcliffe »


That looks like an old Slider - not sure which subspecies. I've found both Red-eared and Yellow-bellied Sliders (both are non-native) in Tampa and on MacDill. You can tell because the plastron is marked, while on Cooters, they plastron is unmarked (with the exception of Suwannee Cooters).

In any good natural habitat around the area (rivers, cypress swamps, etc.), you are more likely to see Peninsula Cooters and Florida Red-bellied Cooters, both of which are native to the area and far more impressive looking in my opinion. However, in some of the more urban ponds and canals, Sliders can be prevalent.

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