2017 California Chapter Nominations Time- Do we Continue?

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2017 California Chapter Nominations Time- Do we Continue?

Post by Fundad »

Hi All,

2017 Nominations have to be had or NAFHA will have to close shop.

We have no structure anymore.

We have NO IC.

If Chapters cant keep Presidents and IB Members if chapters, there will be no NAFHA.

Is it time to Close UP shop, forums, and chapters? Or Do we want to continue?

Yours Truly
Brian Hinds
California Chapter President.

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Re: 2017 California Chapter Nominations Time- Do we Continue

Post by MCHerper »

Hi Brian,

I just wanted to post so there was something besides silence. I'd like to see new life breathed into the chapters but I don't know how at this time. I wish that I could step up for a position but I have too many commitments and I am stretched thin as it is. It's a shame because I've learned a lot from the posts on here and am certainly grateful for the time I've spent talking with others (even if only on the internet).



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Re: 2017 California Chapter Nominations Time- Do we Continue

Post by ZantiMissKnit »

I definitely owe Brian, NAFHA, and the Northeast Chapter an apology for not being around more. Truth be told, I found the lack of participation to be very discouraging and frustrating. I was also discouraged by all of the in-fighting and arguments that hindered the progress of moving forward and getting things (such as re-writing the by-laws) done.

I also do not consider myself to be capable of being a leader. I'm not looking for headpats by saying this, I am just acknowledging my weaknesses. I feel that I'm more productive and effective assisting leadership, not being the one in the forefront.

Right now, I have been committing myself to local conservation efforts in my free time, as well as dealing with the things that one has to deal with as an adult: full-time employment, being on the board of my condo association, and caring for my aging parents. Trying to keep this board going by composing posts that barely even get read just doesn't seem worth the effort, frankly. I wish it was different; the Field Herp Forum that I joined in 2012 was a very active place, but it seems that forums are now cumbersome to most.

I would love to see someone take the reins here, but I don't think it is going to happen. :(


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