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It has come to my attention that a book on Arizona Snakes is in the process of being completed. A data request may come to us from Andy Holycross for that project, which will include range maps showing dot locations. If you have any records in the database that you do not want to publicize in a book, NOW is the time to mark those records CLOSED so they will not be released. There are many sensitive areas and species in AZ and it might not be a good idea to have their locations broadcast in a public book. Use your own judgement on this matter, and think of the consequences for the animals. Do you want certain roads to turn into something like Whitewater in CA? Do you want an area destroyed by collector's because you released coordinates for popular critters? Think about it before you release your data to any request from AZ. It might be better to only release your Non-sensitive data. Of course, if you have put all you data in HerpMapper then the damage is already done and it will all get automatically released. This is one of the reasons HERP is a better choice than HerpMapper. At least you have a choice with HERP...

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Dots on maps are far from publicizing precise locations, besides if every road was a Whitewater Road field herpers wouldn't have to converge on one place they would be scattered everywhere. Perhaps sharing locations wouldn't be so bad.

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