Arizona summer trip

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Arizona summer trip

Post by pythonregius3 »

I am planning to go to Arizona with 2 of my brothers and my mom to do a helping trip. we are mostly interested in snakes but some cool lizards and or arachnids would also be cool. We went out a few years ago in the summer to tucson area and had what we felt like was some good luck so we are more than likely going to return to the same area as we found a few decent spots.

This year it would either been the last week of march/first week of April or sometime in the summer after School is out so we can all make it out that way together.

Please let me know how the helping (mostly for snakes) in those times of the year. during the summer we could come in June July or early August so if any of those are better than others please let me know. We were there in mid July last time and below is the list of what we found. we would love to see many of these species but also would love to find some new ones.

If anyone has any spots near Tucson they are willing to PM to me or anyone would want to meet up that lives out there that would be awesome. I could tell you the area we looked on PM but don't want to post it here.

Thanks for any help you can provide

List of snakes from last trip in 2011: (one or two were on way from Denver to AZ)
prairie rattler
blacktail rattler
striped whipsnake
western diamondback
spotted leafnose
night snake
longnose snake
cal king
blackjack garter
sonoran gopher

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Re: Arizona summer trip

Post by justinm »

Please put RFI in the title. Request For Information, then the people who might be able to help will understand it's a request.

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Re: Arizona summer trip

Post by ThamnElegans24 »

I suggest late July or August. Avoid the moon. And set specific goals rather than wondering around aimlessly.

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