New Pathogen causing mortality in tadpoles

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New Pathogen causing mortality in tadpoles

Post by Antonsrkn » September 9th, 2015, 8:21 pm

We all know that frogs have been hit particularly hard over the past decade. First there was the ever present damage from habitat destruction and degredation. Then of course the infamous chytrid fungus which as we know has driven many species to extinction or close to it. Now there's yet another emergent pathogen affecting the poor frogs... My first thoughts on reading the paper were "Oh [email protected]!t not again". This time its an emergent protist that has been linked with mass mortality in tadpoles, its been found in several different countries and my understanding is we still know little about it. Hopefully its not the next pandemic for frogs around the world, they've already had it tough as is.

Link to the PDF of the paper:

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