Nesting green salamander!

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Rich in Reptiles
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Nesting green salamander!

Post by Rich in Reptiles »

Yesterday my sister, my dog, and I drove to NW Alabama to do a little hiking and herping. While at our location we shined several amphibians including long-tailed salamanders, slimy salamanders, pickerel frogs, and even green salamanders! You cannot imagine how stoked I was to actually see a nesting female green! She was a good ways back in the crevice, but I managed a photo or two (or three...) and some video. Females guard their eggs non-stop until they hatch. When the babies hatch they will stay with their mother until they fully absorb all their yolk and disperse from there. They are an incredible species and rightly my favorite salamander.

ImageNesting green salamander!!!!!!!!!!! by Bethany Avilla, on Flickr


double d
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Re: Nesting green salamander!

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Awesome bethany!! Great job , thats a really good shot to be through a crevice !!

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Noah M
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Re: Nesting green salamander!

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That is cool :thumb: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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Re: Nesting green salamander!

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I did not know that salamanders could lay their eggs out of water - now I do. Thanks for sharing!

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Re: Nesting green salamander!

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B - That is an awesome find! WoW! I wish I could have seen that.


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