Borneo and King Cobras [pic heavy]

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Re: Borneo and King Cobras [pic heavy]

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Cool, hope you've had some great finds!

I have no idea how often they make a big kill or any sort of kill really, I don't think it happens too often but at the same time I don't think its overly rare. So in other words I can't provide much useful info haha. Yeah I took atleast one shot of the skeleton, but I had my telephoto lens on and didn't change it out, not the best lens for the situation. Yeah I'm hoping to go through and sort all the photos sometime soon!

Whoa, swimming with that many mantas sounds nothing short of incredible! Thats amazing, i think my brain would go into manta overload! Yes the diving at Komodo was easily the most intense I have done, the currents at most of the sites were quite challenging and some of sites (E.g. castle rock) some dive operators won't take you to unless you're a somewhat experienced diver. At the same time theres a variety of dive sites to check out and I think theres stuff for all levels. My friend did his open water certification out there and he had a great time, we didn't go on any of the same dives out there as I was diving with the advanced open water group from a different boat, but it sounds like he saw quite alot! I'd say if you have the option, Jannico might want to squeeze a few dives inbetween now and then to boost his experience level. but you should be able to go and have a great time regardless, just be ready for some intense currents (well depending on the conditions and the site you go to).

Yeah, I always try to choose projects that are in good habitat so that I can look for herps in my free time or just incidentally see them as I work. I'm actually setting off to the field tomorrow and I'm really stoked about it, just in the past day I learned there's a glass frog thats endemic to just the reserve I'll be at, and there are a few viper species I really want to see there too! I'm headed there tonight so I think i'll go herping right away! I'm pretty sure I wont have internet in the next few weeks, but hopefully I'll be able to report back with some exciting finds!

Awesome, whale sharks are incredible, its an experience you won't ever forget!

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