Fog lights question.

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Jon Wedow
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Fog lights question.

Post by Jon Wedow »

Does anybody find that these help herp visibility? I would imagine they may not help for things that are far away but maybe they cast a bit of a shadow on herps as the car rolls up on them?

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Re: Fog lights question.

Post by speedy »

I always use mine to the detriment of other cars. I find you can see the edge of the road better, they are also great for spotting our oversized rabbits here downunder.

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Re: Fog lights question.

Post by chrish »

I rely on fog light extensively for my road herping. Of course you need the white ones, not the yellow ones. The trick is to have them mounted low so they provide side (profile) lighting to stuff on the road making it stand out more.

I find they also cover the shoulder better, reduce eye strain, and make road hunting less tiring. Driving lights don't do the same for me.

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