hybrid toad?

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Paul White
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hybrid toad?

Post by Paul White » July 25th, 2010, 3:23 pm

I found this guy a week or so ago in my shed. I was cleaning out some trash that had gotten behind my rodent freezer:
He's got the vertebral stripe that is diagnostic of woodhousii, but he lacks cranial crest entirely, which is a trait of cognatus. The blotches are small, only encompassing one wart each, as opposed to the large blotches I see on most woodhousii around here.
I have tried to find him again to get a better look, but I haven't seen him. He may have been living in the trash I cleared out. :| I feel sort of bad about that but a mound of trash behind a freezer=fire hazard.
here's a more typical woodhousii from around here for comparison:
I'm in Randall Co, Texas, for range purposes

EDIT: I mean to ask if anyone had any other ideas for what species it might be that I was overlooking.

oh, and does this just look like a light colored N. e. transversa to ya'll? It's an old photo from 04.

troy hibbitts
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Re: hybrid toad?

Post by troy hibbitts » July 26th, 2010, 6:04 am

doesn't look like a hybrid to me . . . there is some variation in how well developed cranial crests are, especially on smaller toads . . . that one looks smallish - as they mature, the crests become more well developed.


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