Going to SoCal in the spring

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Going to SoCal in the spring

Post by herpseeker1978 »

We're taking a "wildlife" trip to Morro Bay at the end of March and are going to be going to see the elephant seals at San Simeon and a few other things, going to be herping of course, and birding. I was googling around and found out that there are some feral parrot populations in SoCal and thought it would be pretty cool to see some parrots. Most are in the LA and Orange County areas, but I found a few articles about a pretty decent population of Rose-ringed Parakeets in Bakersfield and we'll be driving right through there. Does anyone know anything about this population? Is it easy to find? Are they only in a pocket of the city, or pretty much widespread?

I was also wondering if there is any "must do" birding in the Morro Bay area.

Any help would be appreciated!


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Re: Going to SoCal in the spring

Post by chrish »

I don't know about Bakersfield, but I've seen the Rose-ringed several times around Playa del Rey just near LAX. They are usually in the palms around the Del Rey Lagoon.

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