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Snakes of Ontario

Post by justinm »

I just saw this come across my email stream and thought that the Canooks would want to be aware. Seems like a huge book for the area, so I'm guessing it's very detailed.

The Snakes of Ontario: Natural History, Distribution and Status
8.5" x 11" Hardcover; vi + 411 pages. $55.00 + shipping

This book provides a comprehensive account of the snakes of the Province of Ontario, Canada. It is based on a thorough review of published scientific literature, historical accounts, and a large volume of gray literature. All sources are cited, making this a valuable reference for those involved in the study and/or conservation of the province’s snakes. Much of the information provided by the book will also have relevance to the naturalists and biologists of adjacent states and provinces.

The book divided into two sections; the firsts provides background information concerning topics such as:
- Taxonomy (a thorough review of taxonomic issues and problems, historical and recent)
- The origin and evolution of snakes
- The biogeographical history that led to the establishment of snake populations in Ontario
- Environmental factors and distribution
- The study of snakes in Ontario
- Conservation issues and legal protection
- Folk beliefs and attitudes
- First Nations’ traditions

The second section provides detailed accounts of each species and, where warranted, subspecies (e.g., the Lake Erie Watersnake), both extant and extirpated (i.e., the Timber Rattlesnake). Each account contains sections discussing:
- Physical Description
- Nomenclature
- Taxonomy
- Conservation Status and Distribution (including current and, where possible, historical, range maps)
- Habitat
- Behaviour and Patterns of Activity
- Diet and Feeding
- Reproduction and Growth
- Predators and Parasites

A review by Ronald J. Brooks (Emeritus Professor, Integrative Biology, University of Guelph) has been published within The Canadian Field-Naturalist, and is available at: ... /1421/1415
An additional, and also highly favourable, review by Francis R. Cook (Researcher/Curator Emeritus Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa) has been published within The Canadian Herpetologist, and is available at:
Further information and comments concerning the book, as well as ordering instructions can be found at:

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Re: Snakes of Ontario

Post by Jon Wedow »

I live in Ontario so this is obviously one of my favourite herp books! It's very well done and is very detailed but IMO doesn't cross the line as far as localities go, etc.. It has answered almost any question I had about any herp population in Ontario or at the very least has given me reference points and names to follow up with for certain areas/populations. Love it!

Cheers Jeff, well done!

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